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We open for Dine in & Take out.


We guarantee our delicious food, authentic, aromatic and reasonable price would satisfy all your senses. Furthermore, our dishes are brought to you by our friendly and well – trained staffs who are committed to deliver the very best service to ensure that you will enjoy a memorable dining experience.




(303) 798-5599

1500 W Littleton Blvd

Ste A110, CO 80120

New Dishes

Noodle Bowl

Grilled beef, pork, chicken, shrimp, egg rolls and shrimp rolls.

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Specialties Dishes

chicken wings

Chicken wings are marinated in a blend fish sauce and garlic, then deep fried until they are golden brown with crispy skins, and still juicy on the inside.

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Also restaurant with so many variety of dishes. I get the Chao Long (porridge with lizards, hearts, blood) and bread stick and it is so good. Make me bloom and heal my sickness. The service is fantastic and the food is beyond awesome. Will definitely come back and bring my family and friends here. Love love love!

Newtime Corporation.

Excellent traditional Vietnamese dish with many more fusion dishes the chef came up with. Far exceeded my expectations for a pho restaurant. I think the name is misleading and will make customer think it is an average pho place. It’s actually much more. It serves tons of traditional dishes while inventing modern American twist on Vietnamese cuisines.

Giang Huynh.

Great varied menu of traditional Vietnamese food. The food is great and the service is fast ( the waiters/waitresses here are super friendly. Btw,  happy our is 3-6pm Monday-Friday where you can enjoy all Appetizers, Wraps and Kid’s Meals 50% OFF. Yeah, you have heard it right!

Toan Duc Le.

So charming. Food is great too. I couldn’t find the fried noodles the other poster (Something Nguyen) was talking about tho. Note to one star posters: who the hell are you that you’re so offended by feeling like you didn’t get the service you deserve? You don’t deserve any better than anyone else. Get over it.

Burp Reynolds.

Come here for the extensive and wonderfully diverse list of Vietnamese specialty soups! This is the place to come to try something new. The staff is friendly, helpful, and patient (with me asking too many questions while navigating the menu). I promise that they won’t disappoint.

Spencer Langford.